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17th Mar 2020
EN have suspended all training and competition - More>>

21st Feb 2020
VITALITY SL - read the latest news here

5th Feb 2020
Club Chair Natalie Roddy appointed Academy Head Coach of TeamBath Netball Future's Pathway programme - Read more

4th June 2013
Club Facebook page now available (club members only) - use the link below to see recent posts

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Senior summer training

We have now finalised our senior summer training and trials programme and, based on player and coach feedback, have made some changes to our approach to trials with the aim of being better prepared for the early start to competition in September.
The intention is to hold summer training in June through August, and hold trials in the last week of June and the first week of July where players will be placed into 'long squads' across those teams who usually train together.  Summer training will continue after trials.
Our aim is to allow players to training in their potential squads over the summer period in preparation for the season. The squads may be slightly larger then the final selected squads and there may still be movement both up and down between squads before final squads selections are made at the end of August. However, we hope that this approach will allow a greater time for players to be considered for squads, reduce the emphasis and pressure on the traditional trials process and allow longer and better preparation for the season. 
Final squad selections will take place on Aug 30th and Aug 31st.
We welcome all players and aim to offer coaching and competition at all levels across our 8 senior squads 
National Premier Div 2:                     for elite athletes
                                                          match day Sunday
SW Regional Divs 1 & 2:                   for high performance athletes
                                                          SW Reg 1 match day - Sunday
                                                          SW Reg 2 match day - Saturday
Avon Divs Prem, 1, 2, 4 and 7:          for performance athletes thru' to more
                                                           social players
                                                           all Avon squads match day - Saturday
If you would like to take part in our summer training and trials programme please complete the registration form at this link
Summer training and trials will take place as shown below.
Weds June 8th, 15th, 22nd:    summer training:   general mixed training across 3 courts
                                                                                    7.30pm to 9pm at Bath Uni STV
Tues 28th June:  }     trials Nat Prem / SW Reg 1 and 2, Avon Prem Division
Tues 5th July:      }     7pm to 9pm Bath Uni STV
Weds 29th June: }     trials Avon squads (Divs 1, 2, 4 and 7)
Weds 6th July:     }     7.30pm to 9.30pm Bath Uni STV
Weds July 13th, 20th, 27th:        }      summer training in 'long squads'
Weds Aug 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th: }      7.30pm to 9pm at Bath Uni STV
Tues 30th Aug:     final squad selections Nat Prem, SW Reg 1 & 2, Avon Prem Div - time and venue tbc
Weds 31st Aug:    final squad selections Avon Divs 1, 2, 4 and 7 - 7.30pm to 9pm Bath Uni STV
There will be a charge of £4 to attend each of the above sessions.
Full squad training for the 22/23 begins Weds 7th September at Bath University STV
6pm to 7.30pm:      Avon Divs 4 and 7 (TB3 and TB4)
7.30pm to 9pm:      Avon Divs 1 and 2 (TB1 and TB2)
                               SW Reg 2 and Avon Prem Div (TB Prem)
                               Nat Prem and SW Reg 1

If you wish to get in touch please email [email protected]


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Dates for your diary

10th May thru' 12th July 2022
U12 summer training 6pm to 7.30pm - More>>

11th May thru' 13th July 2022
SW Reg long squad training and junior summer training
U14:  4.30pm to 6pm
U16:  6pm to 7.30pm - More>>

28th June 2022
Senior trials - More>>

29th June 2022
Senior trials - More>>

5th July 2022
Senior trials - More>>

6th July 2022
Senior trials - More>>

30th Aug 2022
Final squad selections - More>>

31st Aug 2022
Final squad selections - More>>

3rd Sept 2022
U14/U16 club trials 1st round

4th Sept 2022
U14/U16 club trials 2nd round

6th Sept 2022
U12 club trials 1st round

8th Sept 2022
U12 club trials 2nd round

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