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Annual Awards 2016/2017




Nat Prem Coach's Player Abi Caple
Coach's Player Kate Harding
  Most Improved Tash Pavelin
  Most Improved Mia Regan
  Player's Player Jazz Scott
U16B Coach's Player Sophie Garcia
SWR1 Coach's Player Annabel Staley
  Most Improved Martha Brain
  Most Improved Jazz Hennessy
U16C Coach's Player Jess Brain
  Player's Player Kara Gonzalez
  Most Improved Izzy Sim
SWR2 Coach's Player Immy Stringer
U16D Coach's Player Jade Taylor/
Emma Buckingham
  Most Improved Annie O'Rourke
  Most Improved Ellie Gibbs
  Player's Player Michelle Gaskin
U14A Coach's Player Effi Robinson/
Phoebe Aisher
Tigers 1 Coach's Player Jodie Urch
  Most Improved Lili Gruber
  Most Improved Freya Money
Coach's Player Roisin O'Rourke
  Player's Player Jodie Urch
  Most Improved Ciara O'Driscoll
Tigers 2 Coach's Player Rachel Noel
U14C Coach's Player Holly Jones
  Most Improved Jascha Simpson
  Most Improved Cate Westley
  Player's Player Ally Wells
U14D Coach's Player Neve Johnson
Tigers 3 Coach's Player Holly Saliba
  Most Improved Ella Warren
  Most Improved Lydia Burge
U12A Coach's Player Molly Goult
  Player's Player Corinne Bowen
  Most Improved Alexi Austin
Tigers 4 Coach's Player Hermione Scattergood
U12B Coach's Player Lucy Smith
  Most Improved Alice Newman
  Most Improved Jessie Stoddart
  Player's Player Robyn Brown
Tigers 5 Coach's Player Nesta Unwin
  Most Improved Sadie Pitcher
  Player's Player Andrea Byekwaso

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