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Club Rules and Fair Play Policy

It is the policy of TeamBath Netball Club to ensure that all players, coaches, volunteers and parents promote fair play at all times.  Players should be 'good sports' and co-operate with and respect their teammates, coaches and officials at all times.  The aim is for all players to enjoy the game, improve their skills, play their best and have FUN.

All members are encouraged to be open at all times and to share any concerns or complaints that they may have about any aspect of the club with their coach.

As a member of TeamBath Netball Club you are expected to abide by the following club rules:

  Respect all coaches, club officials and administrators at all times, co-operating  with all requests and decisions appropriately and promptly
  Use correct and proper language at all times
  Play within the rules and respect officials and their decisions
  Treat opponents and team mates with respect at all times
Be on time for training sessions, matches and competitions - if any problems arise inform your coach or team manager if you are going to be late.
Wear suitable kit for training, particularly trainers and full match kit when representing the club in matches
Take care of property that belongs to the club or any club member and be responsible for your own equipment and clothing.  Avoid bringing valuables to training sessions or matches
Pay any fees for training or events promptly or participation in training sessions and selection for matches may be affected
Smoking and the consumption of alcohol or drugs of any kind on club premises, or whilst representing the club at competitions, is not permitted.



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