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  14th May 2020
As you know, when we first went into lockdown, we were determined to finish our league season off, even if it meant playing late into the summer. With most teams only having 2 games left to play, we were hoping this course of action would be feasible.

However, recent information from the government makes it very clear that social distancing is going to continue well into July, and probably longer. Were we tennis or golf players, we could all get back to the game we love, but I can't quite see netball being played according to social distancing rules - I could never manage to stay 3 feet from an opponent, never mind 6 foot.

 In addition, we know that many secondary schools, where most of us play and train, are unlikely to open their facilities to outside groups, due to strict guidelines requiring toilet and changing facilities etc, to be constantly sanitised, and the risk of bringing infection into the school community.
Therefore, following an online committee meeting, we have unanimously made the decision to finish the league season at this point. I will be issuing tables tomorrow, whereby an EN formula, sent out to leagues last month for this scenario, will be applied to determine final positions.
The formula is number of points divided by number of games played, multiplied by the number of games that should have been played.

I am sure you will all agree that under the current circumstances, there could be no other solution, especially as EN membership for the season finishes on August 31st. Let's just hope we will be able to start the 2020/21 season at some point during the autumn.

To view the final tables for the 19/20 season please click here -
Final Senior League Tables

  12th May 2020

The Avon Junior League has made the decision to close the league for this season as there were so many games left to play because of all the bad weather postponements, and insufficient dates to play them even if we are allowed to take to the court.

Therefore they have applied an algorithm provided by EN to calculate final positions based on previous results.

Final tables can be found here - Final Junior League Tables

Affected teams are highlighted in yellow with revised postitions shown alongside

  25th March 2020

Netball Southwest (the governing body for Regional competition) closed the season for both seniors and juniors at the start of the lockdown.  Final positions were calculated using the algorithm provided by EN.

To view the final league table please go here -
Final SW Reg Senior League Tables

Final SW Reg Junior League Tables




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