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An umpire's role is to facilitate a flowing, enjoyable game for all participants, including players, coaches, administrators, spectators and other officials. The approach that umpires take into each game plays a large part in the success of the game for all. To continue the progress of Netball umpires must, along with all facets of the game, develop and push boundaries


Fielding 8 junior teams and 5 senior teams in the Avon leagues requires a large number of umpires - umpires are provided for the regional matches.

The club cannot function without umpires so we are keen to help our players develop their umpiring skills, and get involved with umpiring matches at all levels.

The club will assist with funding for you to go on umpire training courses, and also provide you with practice and support during training sessions guided by our existing experienced umpires. Once every few months, we run umpire training nights, where those who have never thought about umpiring, or are nervous about starting out can have a go.  During these sessions there is time set aside to talk about the basics and answer queries to get you started, followed by a chance to have a go yourself with a trained umpire at your side, so you have someone to ask “was I right?”  These are a great opportunity to get some initial confidence before starting to umpire training matches and enrolling on umpiring courses.

So have a go – the club is desperate for more umpires, and you never know, you may even enjoy it!

If you wish to know more about the responsibilities of an umpire please download this document - Umpire responsibilities

And to find out more about umpiring courses please go to the NSW web site here

Copies of the latest Rule Book are available from Umpiring Secretary Linda Mancini

To find out how we can help you get started as an umpire please contact our Umpiring Secretary Linda Mancini.




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