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17th Mar 2020
EN have suspended all training and competition - More>>

21st Feb 2020
VITALITY SL - read the latest news here

5th Feb 2020
Club Chair Natalie Roddy appointed Academy Head Coach of TeamBath Netball Future's Pathway programme - Read more

4th June 2013
Club Facebook page now available (club members only) - use the link below to see recent posts

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Personal Fitness

If you are keen to improve your Netball Fitness on your own at home, extra to that done at Club training, England Netball have just the thing.

They have introduced a section on Health and Fitness, currently showing techniques to improve your core strength.

A 'strong core' not only helps prevent injury (most likely to your back, hips and knees), it will also improve your skills and technique.

The videos show advanced techniques but easier versions are also documented.

So, if you are just starting out, particularly if you are a junior, please be sure to start with the easier version of each technique, and build up slowly.  Start with a couple of times a week, do each technique on the floor with a few repetitions until you can do them easily. To achieve better results increase the repetitions and/or the frequency each week.

And don't forget to warm up and cool down properly.

However, please take it slowly - we don't want any pulled stomach muscles!!

To view the exercises on the EN web site please click here.


Sports Massage Therapy
by S R Total Coaching

Dates for your diary

10th May thru' 12th July 2022
U12 summer training 6pm to 7.30pm - More>>

11th May thru' 13th July 2022
SW Reg long squad training and junior summer training
U14:  4.30pm to 6pm
U16:  6pm to 7.30pm - More>>

28th June 2022
Senior trials - More>>

29th June 2022
Senior trials - More>>

5th July 2022
Senior trials - More>>

6th July 2022
Senior trials - More>>

30th Aug 2022
Final squad selections - More>>

31st Aug 2022
Final squad selections - More>>

3rd Sept 2022
U14/U16 club trials 1st round

4th Sept 2022
U14/U16 club trials 2nd round

6th Sept 2022
U12 club trials 1st round

8th Sept 2022
U12 club trials 2nd round

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