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Content dated:  16th March 9pm

TBNC Training  UPDATED 16th March
In response to the Prime Minster's statement on 16th March TBNC has decided to cancel all training sessions for the foreseeable future wef from 17th March.

We will monitor the situation and if it is possible to return to training we will of course let you know.

Please find below the latest information from our partners with regard to their response to the coronavirus outbreak.

England Netball (EN) - UPDATED 16th March
EN have announced the suspension of all training and competition at all levels of the game - read

Vitality Super League - on 15th March the Vitality SL suspended all SL matches - read

TeamBath SL ticket holders - UPDATED 16th March
latest advice for ticket holders can be found here

Bath University STV - UPDATED 16th March
TBNC has cancelled all training at the STV wef 18th March
currently the STV is open as normal - to read their update please click here

Netball Southwest (NSW) - NSW will follow EN guidelines, currently no plans to suspend matches - please click here to read their latest statement

Avon Netball Association - UPDATED 16th March
Avon have today (16th Mar) issued a statement that matches on the weekend of 21st/22nd March will go ahead as planned.

Avon have issued a statement that they will follow EN guidelines - currently no plans to suspend matches

Royal High School (RHS) - UPDATED 16th March
TBNC has cancelled all training at RHS wef 17th March
RHS has written to all their hirers with regard to their plans for combatting coronavirus.  If you are part of any group that uses RHS facilities for club training please read their letter here.

Prior Park College - U{DATED 16th March
TBNC has cancelled all training at Prior Park wef from 23rd March


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